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About the Author

Dr.-Ing. Titus J. Rinke studied electrical engineering at the University of Ulm, then received his doctorate at the Institute of Physical Electronics with the topic "Monocrystalline Transfer Solar Cells". He then founded two technology companies, whose managing director and shareholder he is. The company building is at the level of the passive house standard. It consumes no oil and no gas. The powerful solar system generates electricity and heat. The seasonal storage unit absorbs heat in summer and releases it in winter for heating purposes. The largely self-developed energy management and smart building ensure a high degree of self-sufficiency. The electric filling stations on the company parking lot are available to employees free of charge to absorb parts of the surplus electricity. This company is one of the few with negative energy costs! Even the private house of the author has neither oil tank nor gas connection. The concept here is similar to the company building described above.